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Dream happy dreams...
You are the only one who has ever touched my heart.
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13th-Aug-2009 06:51 pm - EW photos
Kristen and Taylor


6th-Aug-2009 08:41 am - New pics from New Moon!
these are from the calendar (well one of them, anyway)

1st-Aug-2009 05:04 pm - New Pics!!
one from Comic-Con:

and Some from New Moon Promos!! yeah!!

30th-Jul-2009 07:50 pm - New Kristen and New casting news
Rachelle Lefevre has been re-cast by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse.

also new pics of Kristen.

23rd-Jul-2009 08:02 pm - Comic Con!!


22nd-Jul-2009 07:42 pm - New Moon website Launches
The New Moon website has launched! and it is chocked full of wonderful new photos! check behind the cut for LOTS more


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21st-Jul-2009 08:14 pm - Christmas has come early
words cant describe..... enjoy...


20th-Jul-2009 03:11 pm - New still from New Moon
this one is of Jacob
19th-Jul-2009 11:35 am - New Moon Bookmarks
they will be abailable in August.
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